What Else is There at Le Moulin Jaune?

How many of you Parisians know that a magical site like Le Moulin Jaune exists? Located only an hour away from Gare de L'Est, tucked in the quiet, residential area of Villiers- Montbarbin, Le Moulin Jaune is the perfect place to dream away. Roll your eyes at me because Disneyland is way cooler. Yes to… Continue reading What Else is There at Le Moulin Jaune?


Wonderland in Paris: Musée des Arts Forains

I always have a big thing about museums. Back in Jakarta, visiting a museum was always in my list of "things to do other than going to the malls". Connecting to the past somehow made me realize that the evolution of culture and human beings are what makes us how we are today. And in… Continue reading Wonderland in Paris: Musée des Arts Forains