I adore eating pasta and Asian food while taking pictures of people discreetly. As a fine woman who was born at the end of generation Y and the beginning of (half-hearted sigh) generation Z period, I love sharing memes and funny things with my friends like everyone else. I do travel, a bit, if my savings allow me to. I don’t agree with the idea of fast fashion but I do buy fast fashion sometimes because I don’t have my own money yet to buy from Valentino (Now I know why it’s called slow fashion). I take pictures (Hopefully) for living, but mostly about fashion because I like absurdity, and I think fashion is absurd. So I dislike it when my photographs are too sugarcoated.

I love my friends and I have a very pretty niece called Rachel. Please make sure she sees this when she’s grown up.

I also silently observe people. Watch yourself gurls and bois. (not that I am going to do anything though because I don’t really care, I just want to create a special effect)

If you are that curious about how I am just google “INFP” (or take a test of your own, IT’S ACCURATE). + I am very silent at times of annoyance.

See, I am nice. Now read my posts and leave comments.