What Else is There at Le Moulin Jaune?

How many of you Parisians know that a magical site like Le Moulin Jaune exists? Located only an hour away from Gare de L’Est, tucked in the quiet, residential area of Villiers- Montbarbin, Le Moulin Jaune is the perfect place to dream away.

Roll your eyes at me because Disneyland is way cooler. Yes to certain extent, but if you look closely of the idea of a purely imaginative world that this place offers, you might be able to save up more than €40 for a new experience, a different approach of wonderland. Plus it’s quiet and peaceful!

Slava Polunin, the mastermind, is an artist hailed from Russia, where he grew up in a Communist days of USSR. Since his childhood, he was already interested in artistic performances and worked as a clown in the 1980s. He then built this otherworldly complex where he, and his “Academy of Fools” promotes creativity and imagination on special occasions. Workshops, performances, and festivals were held each year; each with different theme and concept to surprise the visitors.

This place is on my “to go” list since I first arrived in France and on Sunday (07/05) I got the chance to wander through the extraordinary, conceptual garden and houses.

DSC_0568 copyDSC_0565 copy

The man on the left is, ladies and gentlemen, Slava Polunin.

DSC_0562DSC_0559 copyDSC_0555 copyDSC_0573 copyDSC_0578 copyDSC_0579 copyDSC_0589 copyDSC_0600-copy

I walked through the red painted path with such wide smile because I know I will never find a place like this especially in big, modern cities. Every corner is full of surprises, and if you are a surrealist art enthusiast like I am, you will understand how fascinating and joyful it is to see how much creativity is poured in each installation. A for effort, everyone. This inspires me to never stop creating and putting my work for a good cause.

If I’ll be having a kid at all, I could really imagine taking my kid here to discover thought-awakening stories, witnessing beautiful live shows and acting like we are in a story book.

Here’s hoping that there’ll be more places like this, especially countries where the many kids spend hours in a confined space like malls, without any contact with nature at all (read: my country). Sad, but that’s the reality.

I am looking forward to attend Le Moulin Jaune’s next event merged with public performances, cannot imagine how it’ll make my day!
You can follow their upcoming events here.

Written by Florencia Irena

Pictures by Florencia Irena


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