What Can We Conclude From This Year’s Met Gala

I was really excited when I first knew that one of the best fashion creator and conceptor of all time, Rei Kawakubo is becoming the theme of this year’s Met Gala. Met Gala is one of the most anticipated events that most fashion enthusiasts are looking forward to (comment to and be jealous upon). Beside being a channel to raise fund for Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, it is also a prestigious event where some celebrities are ‘competing’ for the Best Dressed titles, some others are just showing up to “be there”, as we all have known.

Okay, I thought this will all be an amazing tribute to Rei Kawakubo. Finally Hollywood is appreciating the less-favored persona in this saturated industry (read: also one of the most significant in the history of fashion for some).


If some of you have put the quote “Fashion is Art” in your Instagram captions, here you have the concrete example of it. Transcending through trends and the word “fashion” itself, Kawakubo created another dimension of clothing by utilising culture, creativity, and surrealism altogether. The end result? A brand that cannot be imitated nor forgotten no matter how much you love it or hate it.

Right, back to Met Gala.

Knowing I shouldn’t expect too much, there’s not much of Kawakubo’s otherworldly and avant-garde appropriation throughout my scrolling session on Vogue.com?

I found these instead:

Sofia Richie in Topshop
Sofia Richie in Topshop
jessica chastain
Jessica Chastain in Prada
Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein by Appointment
madonna moschino
Madonna in Moschino
bela hadid-wang
Bella Hadid in Alexander Wang


For some logical reasons I totally understand with the idea of how unversatile Rei Kawakubo’s vision is for most celebrities. Plus I cannot name many designers that chose the direction she’s walked in for 40 years. But I need to admit, I expected more than pretty pastel dresses (or a catsuit).

Never fun it is to pretend and be someone you’re not, but the purpose of a yearly theme is for you to appreciate the topic and clearly, celebrities mentioned above didn’t do their research homework. Or they just chose not to care.

However, there are few others that respect the guidelines and did their best to pay an ode to Kawakubo:

Amy Fine Collins in Thom Browne
Rihanna in Comme des Garçons
Solange Knowles in Thom Browne
stella tennant_ CDG
Stella Tennant in Comme des Garçons
Lily Collins in Giambattista Valli

This year’s Met Gala is a rare tribute to a person than seasonal topics like last year’s  Manus x Machina or 2015’s China: Through a Looking Glass. It could be better, but all in all I am glad that Rei Kawakubo finally gets the attention she deserves.


Written by Florencia Irena

Pictures via Vogue.com, NYTimes, Highsnobiety


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