Wonderland in Paris: Musée des Arts Forains

I always have a big thing about museums. Back in Jakarta, visiting a museum was always in my list of “things to do other than going to the malls”. Connecting to the past somehow made me realize that the evolution of culture and human beings are what makes us how we are today. And in Paris, there are tons of interesting museums to visit (I just don’t have the time & all the money to visit them all), like Musée des Arts Forains.

Located in Bercy, just approximately 200m walk away from Metro Cour Saint- Emilion, this whimsical museum curated some of the most interesting collections about cabarets, fantasy, theatre and fairgrounds objects. So when I was browsing about Paris back in September, this museum was in my long list of places that I must visit while I’m here in Paris. However, since the museum is only open by reservation, it was quite inconvenient to visit (especially with just super small group/ solo visit, but you can also contact them to see if it’s possible).

I visited this museum on their last day of Festival du Merveilleux (LUCKY ME), an annual festival in the museum, starting from 26th of December to 2nd of January. So it was full of families, cute kids and people who had fun in the last day of school holiday. Cost me 12euros to get in, because they have reduced price for students, kids, and senior citizens. The perks of living in Europe: You will get discount in so many places before you’re 26 years old. *being excited in silence* Plus I think 12euros for the quality shows I saw, it’s worth the money.



I wish you witness it all with me.

Until next time,

Florencia Owen

Musée des Arts Forains
53 Avenue des Terroirs de France, 75012 Paris

Metro: Cour Saint- Emilion



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