Neon Signs Galore


Back at it again with me, after 24 hours being absent, I am back with a new post.

I had this weird obsession with neon signs, I was very much into these signs when I was in Warsaw (loooove that city). Mostly in bold colors such as red, blue, and yellow appeared everywhere around the city, many are white-colored too. Neon signs, had been Warsaw’s trademark since the cold war period. Even though neon lamps were invented in 1675, they were getting popular only after the 1920s everywhere as a symbol of a modernity in United States. Las Vegas, New York, and many more big cities. We also see so many of them in Hong Kong, Japan, well, basically everywhere in the world.

But why Warsaw?

Here’s the thing. Before neon signs, Warsaw was considered very dark and dull. In 1930s, the government gave permission to use the neon signs as long as they were put in the buildings’ facades, not on the street to create harmful lights that affect the traffic. During the war period, neons were used everywhere. Cafes, bars, Germans-only Restaurants, even used as well for propagandas. Neon signs didn’t serve their purpose as the means to advertise anymore after the war (communist Poland = advertisement banned), but in the 1960s, Neonisation happened, where the city aimed to become the center of neon signs in Europe. Architects, building owners, and neon-sign makers were showcasing their masterpieces and putting them on many buildings in Warsaw. (I really find this very interesting)

You can even visit the Neon Muzeum when you happen to be in the city. It was closed when I was there. *sobs*

So I just told my friend that I would take pictures of every neon- signed facade I saw:


img_5278img_5277img_5268img_5267img_5261img_5248img_5246img_5245img_5244img_5243img_5242img_5241img_5239img_5125Processed with VSCO with g2 presetimg_5235




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