New Year, Continuing Stories

Happy new year!

I had stopped blogging (I don’t even want to remember how terrible it was) since years ago, but now I am back in the blogsphere and the reasons why I start writing a blog again are:

  1. I am bored and I only have 21 hours away from the end of my Christmas break
  2. I have tons of things to share but don’t really know how (I’ve been such a spammer on Instagram and Snapchat so I guess it’s time to find another place to annoy you with my stories)
  3. I am now in Paris to continue my studies. Some people say that you can only love the city or hate the city. I haven’t decided yet so let’s just talk about both?
  4. This is graded by my teacher.

Right those are my reasons friends. As I am trying to eat my newly-bought clementines now (and they are very sour and I guess I chose the wrong ones. Bye 0,99.), I have to say that this journey of me going to Paris has been entirely overwhelming. I didn’t plan on going here, but here I am, confused by the administrative system and always hungry because the food here is amazing (and broke, because it’s P-a-r-i-s). Alright, I’ll stop there. I also started using film cameras again, and this time I bought an old Agfa Isolette II from Etsy, just about a month ago. I feel like I need to learn more about all manual photography, not only the digital cameras because I don’t think it’s enough for me to grow. So I went for it.

These are the pictures I took when trying out my first roll and second roll, I used Lomography 120mm ISO 400 films, just because it’s always cloudy in most of Europe these days, so let’s do 400. I need to admit that in terms of technical knowledge, I know nothing. But I take that as the point of learning, you will always discover something by doing (Plus I am very bad with technology). Some were blurred, some were good. Hashtag Beauty of Film.

Old Town, Krakow, Poland. December 2016
Blurred Carriage, Krakow, Poland. December 2016
Krakow Cloth Hall, Poland. December 2016
Muzeum PRL-U, Nowa Huta, Krakow. December 2016
Old Town, Warsaw, Poland. December 2016
Also Old Town, Warsaw, Poland. December 2016
Dark, Hazy, and Cold Jelita, Warsaw, Poland. December 2016
Gintare & Emilija, Vilnius, Lithuania. December 2016
Gediminas Tower, Vilnius, Lithuania. December 2016
Vaisine, Užupis Republic, Vilnius, Lithuania. December 2016
Snow in Vilnius, Uzupis Republic, Vilnius, Lithuania. December 2016
Uhm, I forgot the building’s name. Vilnius, Lithuania. December 2016
Kids seen from Visų Šventųjų gatve. Vilnius, Lithuania. December 2016
Blurred Paula and my love, McDonalds, Rue de l’Échelle, Paris. December 2016
Rue De Vaugirard, Paris. December 2016

Until next time,



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