1970s Pictures Compilation

I wish time travelling machine exists. That way I don't have to spend so much time wondering how¬†different would it be if I was born in the 1970s. Time for us millennials to make meaningful memories for the next generations to come! All pictures and descriptions are from Cool Kids of History    


What Can We Conclude From This Year’s Met Gala

I was really excited when I first knew that one of the best fashion creator and conceptor of all time, Rei Kawakubo is becoming the theme of this year's Met Gala. Met Gala is one of the most anticipated events that most fashion enthusiasts are looking forward to (comment to and be jealous upon). Beside… Continue reading What Can We Conclude From This Year’s Met Gala

Porto Travel Diary 01

Porto is one of the cities you will easily fall in love with. The architectural charm and amazing food are just some of the simple pleasures of being in this small but delightful town. Apart from my problems with my AirBnb *coughs*, the heavy rain sessions and the transport system that's quite unpractical when you… Continue reading Porto Travel Diary 01

Masculin/ Feminin @ LFW17

London has always been a center of innovative and dynamic fashion. This year's Fall 2017 season brought us towards a definition of reconstructed feminism, through the ideas of dressing up or downs with mixture of elaborated tailoring and play of silhouettes. The image of a bold, modern woman is presented through the simultaneous approaches in… Continue reading Masculin/ Feminin @ LFW17

Rainy Day Blues: Playlist

There is just something melancholic about the rain. The sound provokes emotions and the sight of rain brings you to another world of imagination. Here is a playlist to accompany your nights wrapped in that comfortable blanket. But don't pretend that you're a music video star just because you're thinking and daydreaming by the window.… Continue reading Rainy Day Blues: Playlist